Chiclets: Banner Illustration

This project required a total of 32 separate illustration elements consisting of 24 character designs and 8 “prop” designs. The job was to create original and distinct characters and props, in the predetermined art style of the national ad campaign, which Flash developers could use to program the final banners. The illustrations were used in a number of interactive banners in various pixel dimensions. Following an animated sequence, which contains my illustrations, the user is invited to draw and create their own Chiclet character.

Chicklets Animated GIF Storyboard Sequences
Here are three animated storyboard sequences for banner ads. Please note: These are GIF animated storyboards. My illustrations were designed for use in rich media interactive banners.
Close Up Detail
Close Up Images to Show Detail
Chiclets: Character Design/Banner Illustration
Client Project/Character Design/Banner Illustration/Advertising Illustration
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